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Nordic Decoration Home

Nordic also called Scandinavian style originated in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. In these European countries, as a matter of location and climate, the light is too low, that is why the interior are excessively bright. For them this feature is practical and functional, for us it is a decorative manner worthy of imitation. That is why the Scandinavian or Nordic it spread throughout the world and today, soils are a Scandinavian style decorating trend throughout this year.

Tips for Nordic style

If you want to dress your home with all the charm that supplies decorating style, I recommend you take note of the following tips to make it.

The beauty of simplicity: this phrase describes one of the most fundamental parts of the Scandinavian style decor. Simplicity is always present in the Nordic style decor. These accessories rebalsadas decorations, ornaments, furniture, colors and other details are discarded completely. All you have to do is simply everything nice and simple.

White as the main color: Nordic style is brightly decorated and therefore we have to use colors that are always clear, but white is the leading color for all spaces that will decorate the Nordic style. White is fundamental to the interior, it reflects and multiplies the light in the room, so it is appropriate to wear the floors, walls, ceilings and furniture to paint.

Spacious: in the countries of Northern Europe, homes are really quite large and spacious, so it is ideal to imitate is the main feature. It is very likely that here at home we have to get used to a limited stays, but if we apply the Nordic decoration have to save space as possible, so we leave gaps and free places to give greater feeling of spaciousness.

Black to contrast color: as I said earlier, is a nordic style decor requires mainly light colors and white. But if we want to create more attractive and colorful contrasts we have also used the black color.

Mixing times: Another main feature of the Scandinavian decor is a mixture of time, ie, it is a way where you can place modern furniture with elements that are older so we can create a perfect blend.

Recycle: believe it or not, furniture Scandinavian or Nordic style need not be new. To use this style of furniture that is recycled and restored is recommended, because they have an extraordinary charm.

Scandinavian style decor, believe it or not has a romantic aspect, so it is advisable to decorate female stays. But if mixed with details of more intense colors and other details in black, it is suitable to decorate libraries and elegant Living Room Furniture Ideas.

Thanks to his style as classic and lighting, Scandinavian style is perfect for decorating lobbies, dining rooms and kitchens. If the Scandinavian style completely covers your home, it will be full of beauty and delicacy.

How to decorate a home with Scandinavian style

As I said earlier the Nordic or Scandinavian style is typical of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It is a style that was born in the twentieth century and today is maintained with some minor variations.

Nordic or Scandinavian style gets the features that provide the materials from the area, regional crafts and landscape of these areas. The Nordic style interior designer Carlo attributed Larsson. It is a style that requires mixing neutral colors of regional landscapes, but should always have a slightly aged look.

-Characteristics Nordic interior design: interior design and architecture of these countries is determined especially by geographic location and climate.

-The Lack of natural light and the long winters require the interiors are really bright and spacious. Therefore, it is very important to make good use of natural light in this style of decoration. This can be done using light colors in decor mainly white color, because it is perfect to brighten any room beautifully decorated. Even you have to use materials that are light-colored, such as wooden furniture in light colors. Do not forget to also use details that are of vibrant colors such as light blue or red, these protrude details of the rest of the decor.

-The Textures and materials derived from the geography and nature. Try to get in the textile market which are made of cotton or linen, which serve to support designs of stripes or checks, also for light backgrounds and floreal patterns with repetitive patterns.

Nordic style decor -the main objective is to mix the traditional with the modern, so to create signature looks super. These rooms are very comfortable and relaxing to do anything that we want.

-Above Other aspects are functionality. Therefore, we recommend you to decorate their rooms in Nordic style have large windows for natural light to enter without problems. Also, the ceilings have to be high and spacious rooms.

-The Story wood must be in neutral colors or light colors. These types of floors are essential to create a sense of space and light in the spaces, making them look bigger.

-The Nordic furniture is really pure, clean straight lines. These furniture are harmonized with smooth curves, which are highly recommended to create balanced and welcoming environments.

-The Scandinavian decorative accessories are very simple. Most preferred materials are glass and ceramics.

Basic Nordic or Scandinavian style

Believe it or not, the Scandinavian style is one of the most popular styles in the world, because it is a practical, simple and comfortable style. The importance of this type of decoration is not allowed to carry the unused pieces stay. If you like white decoration, functional and straight lines color, then you have to learn the basics of Nordic style and how to implement them in your home.

Colors. Scandinavian style is popular because in decorating the white is used. This color should be used to paint all the walls of his room and if in case you want to give the room a touch of color, I suggest you cover a wall with wallpaper having a modern pattern. The ceiling and floor have to be painted or be off-white.

To combine are popular gray and beige. For those who want to give this decorating style combining dark, the best option is the brown and have to use wooden furniture are espresso color. In the Nordic style you should also use details that are vibrantly colored, can be blue sea, orange green, orange or yellow, always in a completely white background.

Natural elements. Another detail that should never miss in the Scandinavian style are the elements. The most popular material is wood, which can be used in furniture and other small details. To give contrast to the white point in the furniture both light and dark colors. Skins and body are materials that should not be missing in the nordic style, these materials may be used in sofas, chairs, rugs and blankets. Do not forget the plants, they give the room color and a natural look. If you live in a cold place, a good choice are plastic plants.

Furniture. Remember, you must use furniture in the Scandinavian style have to be simple, low and straight lines. This type of furniture can be quite simple, but they serve to create a super chic decor. Usually furniture should also be white, except for one or another dark color. It is very common in the Nordic décor brown tables with white chairs. Using this mixture, the dark color is highlighted that while most will be more central to the decor.

Minimalist. Scandinavian style decor is itself quite minimalist. It is a decoration that does not require a lot of furniture, but a proper function for each. It should not be things that do not use or do not give a meaning to your decor at home. This is a big advantage, because you can invest in accessories and furnishings that are of quality.

Accessories. The frames and pictures are standard amenities in the Nordic décor, because they give the white walls a touch of color. The frames should be used must be large in size, but can also be arranged in smaller collage. As for art, you must choose or make your stay both classical pieces and modern, so choose your preferred style. If the piece is dark try frames that are light in color.

Textiles. As I said, the Nordic style originated in cold countries, so textiles are special in the decor. Invest in blankets, curtains, rugs and other pieces that give your home comfort. If you live in a cold climate, use textiles with thick skin or boiled wool that are brightly colored as it is the best way to give style to your home.

Natural light. Natural light is also fundamental in the Nordic style. With bright colors, although you may not believe, you can create a bright atmosphere, but is also essential to maximize the light entering through the windows. For dark days and nights, you have to have a good lighting, both indirect and direct.

Choosing a decorating style

Before you buy furniture and choose the colors for the walls, you have to know the decorating style you want for your home. With this it achieves that every detail combine in harmony and that the end result is magazine. Before you start decorating your home, then taught him how to choose the style of decoration.

* First you have to learn well. Buy decorating magazines and please read carefully or simply enter decoraciondesala.com, there find everything comes to interior decorating.

* Make a list of your favorite things and analyze what things you want to have in your home. With each color, furniture or accessory to put on the list, imagine it at home with the other details and ask yourself how it makes you feel the image. This way you get to withdraw from a decorating style or just find the appropriate listening.

* If the above step did not work, take note of the things you do not want in your house and know when buying bland not have to take into account. Knowing exactly what you do not like will help you know what you like and determine themselves, for example, what fabric you want to be your furniture or what colors you want to wear their walls.

* Get to know very well what are the characteristics of decorating styles. If you like clean, linear and sober finishes Maybe your favorite decorating style is minimalist, if you like to mix many colors, ornaments and antique elements opts for the retro style, if you like things elegant style furniture choose the contemporary interior décor.

* If you can not opt ​​for a decorating style, you can mix two styles. The important thing is that both styles are similar, so you can choose the things that you like from each style and merge them into a unique finish for your home.

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